Ecommerce as a Service


Ecommerce as a Service

If you want a fully functioning, fully supporting and market-leading ecommerce business then congratulations, you’ve found your perfect partner.

As a provider of services designed to build, develop and operate ecommerce solutions, our mission is to generate more customer interest and increase sales and operating margins.

Diginius creates ideal platforms for you and your customers.

Ecommerce as a Service

  • Designed for Business

    Just starting out on your ecommerce journey or looking to develop your current site? We have the solutions you’ll want to use. Our platforms are a proven success across our many small, medium and large retail and service clients. We cover bricks and mortar retailers through to Pureplays.

  • Web Design and Build


  • SSL and Secure Checkouts

    A fully secured platform. Rest assured that your site is safe from outside influence, your customers’ data is protected and your checkout and payment systems are robust.

  • Scalability

    Our model is built to grow with your expanding business needs. Software, development, digital advertising and customer service requirements will be scaled and managed to fulfil your requirements.

  • Stock and Product Management

    Our ecommerce platform makes full use of our bespoke Diginius Insight Software, handling tricky and technical product uploads and changes. Saving you precious time and resources.

  • Logistics and Customer Service

    Fulfilment and service are a key part of an ecommerce proposition. Should you wish to outsource these functions we offer a variety of logistical solutions, including warehousing and delivery. Our customer service solution comprises Live Chat, email and a customer contact centre, giving your customers unparalleled support.

Ecommerce as a service

Diginius: Design and Development

Design and Development

With consultation, we’ll use a suitable platform for your site or design and code it ourselves.
Diginius: Hosting and Maintenance

Hosting and Maintenance

Using our servers, we’ll take care of your data and bandwidth needs. Fully backed-up, no downtime, and always up to date.
Diginius: SSL and Secure Checkouts

SSL and Secure Checkouts

The most secure encryption for customer data and payment portals.
Diginius: SEO and Content management

SEO and Content Management

Monitor your website’s performance data and review opportunities to improve your organic search ranking.
Diginius: Stock and Product Management

Stock and Product Management

Manage all stock-related data feeds, including automated price adjustments.
Diginius: Customer Service Solutions

Customer Service Solutions

Meet your customer expectations with our Live Chat, email and Contact Centre functions.

A collaborative, consultative approach

Our in-house experts become our clients’ online marketing team. Our location in London is ideal for working with clients in the UK and across Europe and the Americas.

Unlike many traditional agencies, we commit to full transparency. The real-time email alerts and customised reports generated by the Diginius software can be shared automatically with clients. So you can see the impact we’re having for your business.

Who we work with

Diginius software will benefit any company that generates sales leads or transacts online. However, it has been specifically designed for the needs of small and medium sized businesses.
service companies

Service companies

who use their website to communicate their services and generate new sales leads
ecommerce companies

E-commerce companies

who sell products through their own website or other online marketplaces
media agencies

Marketing and media agencies

who manage online marketing campaigns on behalf of multiple clients

Why choose Diginius?

  • Designed for businesses

    Our software has been designed for organisations of all sizes who desire agility, visibility and drive results through intelligence based campaign execution.

  • Enterprise solution

    We’ve built our software to be enterprise-grade but at an affordable price, for companies of any size.

  • UK company

    We’re headquartered in London to be ideally located for supporting clients globally.

  • 6 year heritage

    We’ve been developing, enhancing and optimising our software and solutions since 2011.

  • Rapid product development

    We take pride in our ability to react quickly to client feedback and build new product features that directly address our clients’ requirements.

  • Software support

    Full integration support for standard and custom data feeds. Chat online with a product expert at any time. Or simply give us a call.

  • Online experts

    We use our software to manage online activities for our services clients, so we’re able to ensure our teams’ knowledge and technical expertise remains cutting edge.


We generate impressive results for our clients

Contact Us!

Our tailored ecommerce solution is priced to ensure it pays for itself multiple times over. Our scalable model, combined with exceptional software solutions, advertising campaigns and management support create the best possible foundation for a success and profitability. To request an online demo, please give us a call on +44 (0) 207 267 9322. Or use the form below and a member of our customer success team will get in touch.

Diginius is rated 4.87 stars by based on 38 merchant reviews

4.87 / 5 Rating
38 Reviews
A really useful training session! The employees at Diginius are very professional, friendly and really put everything into perspective for me. All the questions I had were all answered and in general a fantastic experience! I highly recommend this training session to everyone in the Digital Marketing industry!
The Dashboard is a great resource centre where we can look at all areas of our website in one tidy place and make any necessary improvements. The keyword analysis tool is particularly useful as this helps us make sure we are featuring high up in the search engines for our targeted terms.
This was an excellent course, pitched at just the right level. The organisation throughout the process went smoothly, from the outset of making the booking to the day of the course. The trainer certainly know her 'stuff' and delivered the course at the right pace. The presentation included a good balance of content and well selected anecdotes which illustrate the points well. An excellent and extremely worthwhile day. Ian Spreadborough Managing Director Ship Safe Training Group Ltd