Diginius is a software and solutions provider that empowers organisations to achieve the maximum impact from their online sales and marketing activities.

Our mission is to generate more customer leads and increased sales for our clients by helping them get the best results through:

Our Diginius Insight Software integrates data feeds from all common online marketing and sales platforms into a single, easy-to-understand platform. It identifies exactly what activities are driving the best conversions and customised reports deliver actionable insights directly to the stakeholders who need them.

Our PPC management and training courses complement the Diginius Insight Software and help clients to get the best results from their online sales and marketing activities, even if they lack the resources or expertise internally.

We are based in the United Kingdom and have been helping companies improve their performance online since 2011.


Diginius: CEO: Nate Burke

Nate Burke

Founder & CEO

Diginius: Sebastian Hancock: Client Growth Manager

Sebastian Hancock

Client Growth Manager

Diginius: Alan Reading: Head of Research & Development

Alan Reading

Head of Research & Development


Diginius: Lewis Partington: Head of Performance Marketing

Lewis Partington

Head of Performance Marketing

Diginius: Eric Renkema: VP Engineering

Eric Renkema

VP Engineering


Software Product Manager.

Gerald Gogo

Software Product Manager

Our Advisory Board

Diginius: Guy Whittle: Chairman of Advisory Board

Guy Whittle


Diginius: David Turner: Board Advisor

David Turner

Diginius: Michael Renner: Advisor

Michael Renner

Diginius: Simon Birkenhead: Board Advisor

Simon Birkenhead

Diginius: Lukas Oberhuber: Board Advisor

Lukas Oberhuber

Diginius: Stewart Clements: Board Advisor

Stewart Clements

Diginius: Joel Renkema: Board Advisor

Joel Renkema

What makes Diginius different?

  • Designed for businesses

    Our software has been designed for organisations of all sizes who desire agility, visibility and drive results through intelligence based campaign execution.

  • Enterprise solution

    We’ve built our software to be enterprise-grade but at an affordable price, for companies of any size.

  • UK company

    We’re headquartered in London to be ideally located for supporting clients globally.

  • 6 year heritage

    We’ve been developing, enhancing and optimising our solutions since 2011.

  • Rapid product development

    We take pride in our ability to react quickly to client feedback and build new product features that directly address our clients’ requirements.

  • Software support

    Full integration support for standard and custom data feeds. Chat online with a product expert at any time. Or simply give us a call.

  • Online experts

    We use our software to manage online activities for our services clients, so we’re able to ensure our teams’ knowledge and technical expertise remains cutting edge.

  • Google Partner   Diginius: Bing

Take away the pain of managing your online activities.

  • Complete visibility

    One consolidated dashboard showing all your online marketing and sales activities and results.

  • Automation

    Automate many time-consuming and manual processes, such as reporting and competitor monitoring.

  • Analytics

    Algorithms identify the marketing activities that are having the greatest impact on sales.

  • Actionable recommendations

    Real-time email alerts and customised reports deliver actionable insights directly to the stakeholders that need them.

  • Designed for businesses

    Our software has been designed for organisations of all sizes who desire agility, visibility and drive results through intelligence based campaign execution.

  • Transparency

    Ensure all teams have the performance insights they need to make faster, better business decisions.

Smarter business decisions. Improved return on investment.

At Diginius we are 100% focused on helping our clients generate more leads and grow their revenues through improved effectiveness online.

better business decisions

Faster, better business decision-making

by providing at-a-glance insights into the performance of all your online sales & marketing activities and enabling complete transparency with stakeholders.

improve sales and leads

More customer leads and improved sales conversions

through algorithmic recommendations, intelligent price optimisation and competitor monitoring.

reduce operational costs

Reduced operational costs

by eliminating the need for multiple, disparate analytics tools and reducing the time required to analyse performance.

improve return of investment

Improved return on investment

by identifying the best performing marketing activities and delivering real-time optimisation recommendations via email alerts.

Fill your resource and knowledge gaps.

Lack internal resources or expertise to run your online marketing effectively? No problem. Our optional PPC management and training can ensure you maximise the benefits from the Diginius Insight software platform.
managed services

PPC Management

If needed, our in-house experts can provide hands-on management of your online PPC campaigns for a fixed monthly fee. Learn more
diginius training

Small group training

Each of our training workshops are limited to just 6 people and focus on how to maximise the effectiveness of your search marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media. Learn more

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