As part of our PPC solutions, we can work with businesses to help them expand their service offering. If you’re looking to scale and grow your PPC client base or introduce PPC management as a new service, we can help.

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Agency Benefits

Our specialised agency services come with a wide range of benefits to help your business scale, such as providing the ability to manage all sub-accounts to get clarity on performance, white-labelling and automated bidding.

  • Accurate and insightful reporting
  • Make your lives easier and your work more efficient
  • Bidding engines and better quality bidding tools
  • Advanced outsourced PPC services

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Handling Agency Demand

We understand the pressure agencies face, both on a daily basis and during busy periods. Therefore, our agency specific services work to handle the peaks in demand, ensuring your campaigns are constantly delivering the best results.

Outsourced PPC Services

Our outsourced PPC services allow you to go above and beyond for your clients whilst we manage and optimise your campaigns. This way, you focus on your core skills and enjoy increased productivity and a chance to connect with your customers thanks to the time you save.


What Your Agency Needs to Grow

If you are ready for growth it can be a struggle to keep up with on-boarding and new hires.

Experienced Analytics

Diginius is an expert in PPC management. Our experienced team uses our proprietary software and analytics dashboard to aggregate data across digital channels and with our automated bidding engines, we drive performance and ROI for your clients.

Industries We Work With

We have worked nationally and internationally across a broad range of industries, including ecommerce, retail, automotive, recruitment, healthcare, financial services & insurance, technology, training & remote learning and many more.

Track Record in Ecommerce

Diginius takes a brand's ecommerce solutions to the next level. We work with multiple ecommerce platforms and our partnership with VTEX and ChannelAdvisor supports clients’ growth to enterprise-scale solutions, delivering rapid, digital commerce transformation.

Strategic Partnerships

As part of our ecommerce solutions, we manage marketplaces and help businesses to expand, both in the UK and internationally. 

We are proud to have a formal partnership with ChannelAdvisor that facilitates international expansion, giving businesses the opportunity to trade on 200+ global marketplaces.

Working with our ecommerce partners including VTEX, a SaaS-based enterprise solution with whom we have developed a strong business relationship, we can also help you to build fully functional ecommerce sites.

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Our brand values allow us to offer innovative and strategic agency services. We can be your one-stop-shop for all your digital needs and, when you choose to work with us, we will apply a scientific, strategic and technical approach to your bespoke project to ensure we deliver impactful results.


We pull data from multiple platforms to provide you with clear visibility of what is working and what isn’t. We display this information in one concise dashboard, which is more effective and cost-efficient than relying on multiple unlinked tools.

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