Posted on May 17, 2019

Using automated bidding engine to optimize Google Ad spend

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About the client


SCCS are a friendly, professional and highly regarded firm of cleaning service contractors, based in Stokeon-Trent. With over 10 years’ experience, they provide a complete range of cleaning services at both residential and commercial levels.




SCCS were searching for a digital agency to increase their presence within the surrounding area. A local business with a small advertising budget, SCCS were looking for ways to effectively scale and increase their ROI. They chose to go with Diginius’ bespoke solutions and Insight
software to help them expand their reach and grow leads.




Diginius helped push leads to SCCS’ site with Google Ads, using key search terms designed to attract customers. This helped to match them to the service they were looking for. A new SCCS Google Ads account was created with improved keywords and ad strategy, resulting in larger volumes of traffic to their site. Coupled with Diginius Insight, the team were able to utilise the automated bidding solution, driving even more customers whilst reducing individual CPC. The deployment of Diginius Insight’s automated bidding strategy used business rules to maintain an optimum ad position.




Diginius’ Insight solution ultimately reduced ad spend wastage for SCCS, helping them save time with the software’s automated
control of their bidding engine. The increase in traffic that SCCS saw from the improved Google Ads account also helped gain more conversions providing immediate and tangible profits.


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