Posted on Jun 05, 2019

Using our Google Shopping bidding engine to increase ROAS

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About the client


Skinnydip is a London based fashion-accessories brand that launched in 2011, with a main mission to create unique, fun and ‘instagrammable’ accessories from phone cases to bags that can be worn all year round. Boasting over 250 concession stands in Topshop stores across the world, as well as 14 standalone Skinnydip stores in locations ranging from Camden to Luton Airport, Skinnydip has firmly
established themselves as one of the UK’s leading fast-fashion brands.




Skinnydip were looking to boost their online sales by creating a consolidated strategy across Google. Although Skinnydip had previously worked with Google Ads, they had not seen the return on investment they were hoping for. Skinnydip recognised the importance of utilising paid shopping and search ads in order to generate online revenue more efficiently, choosing to work with Diginius to deliver the desired results.




Diginius recognised that the most important area to develop would be Skinnydip’s Google Shopping campaigns. By utilising sophisticated automated bidding engines developed in-house, Diginius were able to facilitate significant sales growth whilst
maintaining profitability. The Diginius Google Shopping bidding engine allowed for unique bid to be applied based on the profitability of individual products. Combined with campaigns across paid search and display ads, Diginius have enabled significant growth for Skinnydip in just the first six months of running their campaigns.




Diginius’ solution saw Skinnydip’s account built quickly from the ground up, resulting in significant sales growth. Each month the account continues to grow in size, while still maintaining the desired level of efficiency. Diginius started working with Skinnydip in September 2018,
and by April 2019 Google Ads had become the highest revenue generating channel online for the brand.


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