Diginius Partners with Marketing Agency SWC Partnership

We’re delighted to announce our latest partnership with marketing agency SWC Partnership. Introduced through Mike Allen of 360 Publishing, the partnership allows us to assist with business development by providing an outsourced PPC management service.   The partnersh
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Keyword Optimisation – Expert PPC Strategies and Tactics

Having a strong set of keywords can help with the success of your PPC campaigns…

Keywords have an important role to play within digital marketing, however, many marketers do not spend the necessary time and effort on optimising them.   If you don’t choose keywords that your customers are likely to search for, as well as ones with a high enough se
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Google Ads Quality Score – What is it and How to Improve it

Find out how you can increase the quality of your PPC ads…

In order for you to make the most out of your Google Ads, you must understand the concept of Quality Score. These scores have a huge impact on the performance and success of your campaigns, including your costs, so it’s important to master this. 
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PPC Reporting Tips – 5 Strategies to Help Your Business in 2021

PPC reporting can offer more insights than you’d first expect…

PPC advertising comes with a wide range of benefits, such as providing instant results and working well alongside other marketing channels such as SEO. However, another major benefit of PPC is the fact that it is highl
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The Best SaaS Ecommerce Solutions to Suit All Budgets

Now is the time to tap into new growth opportunities online…

The online industry is an increasingly competitive space, often making it difficult for businesses to effectively reach their target audience. Therefore, it
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Top Marketplace Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Marketplace platforms have various benefits, but only if you use them correctly…

Over the past year, we’ve seen more and more businesses take their services online. For many, providing a new ecommerce offering meant their survival was supported during an unpredictable time while for others, an online focus has been slowly developed over a period of time as
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4 Ways to Improve Your Google Ads Search Impression Share

It’s time to start making the most of your Google Ads...

If you’re an online marketer or ecommerce business, chances are you’re already running Google Ad campaigns. However, there is more you can be doing to ensure your ads are performin
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What is the Best Keyword Research Tool?

Targeting the right keywords determines the success of your campaigns...

Keyword research plays an important role in developing high-performing, profitable PPC and SEO campaigns. If you’re bidding on the incorrect keywords or you aren’t using a combination of short-tail and long-tail ke
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PPC Agency vs In-house Management: Which One is Right for You?

Finding the best way to manage your PPC campaigns can provide amazing results for your business…

For many businesses, PPC is an essential part of their marketing strategy, often delivering immediate results that work towards increasing revenue. However, to get the best results ou
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Intelligent Proliferation in Digital Marketing: Using AI Effectively

Understand the importance of AI and its role in digital marketing

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