Google Ads vs Bing (Microsoft) Ads – Which is Best?

How to decide which paid search advertising platform is best for your business

When it comes to the world of PPC advertising, there are two major search engine advertising platforms that businesses can take advantage of: Google Ads and Bing Ads (now called Microsoft Ads). Google Ads and Bing Ads each come with their own unique set of advantages and disadvan
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How Much Do Google Ads Cost?

Highlighting the benefits of Google Ads, how much they cost and whether they can positively impact your business for the price you pay

When considering how best to spend your marketing budget to get you the best results, its always worth considering investing in Google Ads. However, for many new businesses who are u
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Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads: Which is Better for your Business

Helping you to get a better understanding of these advertising platforms

With many businesses leveraging the advantages of paid advertising it’s important to consider whether you should be using these marketing techniques for your own business. When it comes to paid advertising, businesses can choose from a range of options, with two of the major c
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Keyword Research for PPC Beginners: How to Pick the Right Keywords

A useful guide on keyword research and how to pick the right PPC keywords for your campaigns

Keyword research is the backbone of your PPC campaign and is perhaps one of the most important elements of campaign success. Choosing the right keywords to bid on will result in the clicks and conversions you need to make a great return on investment. If you choose the wrong keyw
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How to Set Achievable KPIs for PPC Campaigns

How not to set the bar too high or too low

Perhaps one of the most important factors of success when it comes to PPC campaigns is having achievable KPIs. If you set the bar too high, it’s highly likely that you’ll fall short of your goals and waste valuable budget and resources.   In an ever-competitive and
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How to Increase Click Through Rate for Google Display Advertising

How to make the most out of your campaigns

Google Display Ads are a fantastic advertising feature from Google, allowing businesses to capture their audience’s attention with visually appealing ads. This is especially the case for ecommerce businesses who sell items such as clothing, home interior and makeup, as their pr
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PPC vs SEO: Which One Should You Start With?

Helping you make an informed decision

When it comes to making decisions about how best to invest your business budget and resources, there are a few important factors to consider. For many businesses, the decision comes down to two key marketing services: PPC and SEO.   Both of these services can provide a
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Black Friday and Cyber Monday: What do consumers really want?

Discover this year’s holiday season trends

With two of the biggest events of the retail calendar quite literally just around the corner, we’re discussing what consumers really want to see from Black Friday and Cyber Monday.   This year may be slightly different to any other year though, as queuing outside of
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Google Display Ads vs Search Ads: Which is Best for Limited Budgets?

Find out which one to opt for

When you’re looking to advertise services or products or increase your brand awareness, it's important to invest in the right kind of advertising. Google offers a variety of advertising services, each one possessing its own individual benefits to businesses.   Displa
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How can you improve your PPC campaigns?

Learn how to get the most of your investment

No matter what your online business consists of, whether you provide physical products or services, having properly optimised PPC campaigns can be crucial for your business to succeed.   When your PPC campaigns are performing well, you’ll no doubt see some great reve
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