How Does Google Shopping Work?

All you need to know to get started

If you’re an online business, or you’re choosing to list some of your products online, Google Shopping can be an essential element of your business’s success. However, if you’re a fresh start-up or you’re unfamiliar with Google Shopping, you’ll need to learn how best
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Low budget marketing ideas for cash strained businesses

Here’s hot to get the most out of your marketing spend

In the current economic climate, a lot of businesses are battling with their budgets and seeking out the best ways to make their spend stretch that bit further.   Marketing is often the first activity to face cuts when times get hard but that shouldn’t be the case. T
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5 ways Omnichannel Automation Helps Brands

How to Leverage Automation Strategies as an Omnichannel Business

The events of 2020 have forced businesses to change and adapt like never before and going digital seems to be the trend that many are following. But as they take on online responsibilities, some for the very first time at that, what they are finding is a need to change management
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Step by Step Guide to Ecommerce Website Development

Ecommerce From Brand Name to Shipping in 7 Easy Steps

The number of people shopping online is increasing daily as it is convenient to do it from anywhere. Even if you have a brick and mortar store, building an online store needs to be part of your business goals. Additionally, e-commerce is an affordable and viable option to reach a
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Google ads benchmarks for growing businesses

Improve your PPC activity with these Google Ads performance benchmarks

Google PPC advertising can be an incredibly effective marketing tool. But spend can quickly add up, lead
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Adapting Digital Practices for Marketing Across Cultures

How to Adapt to Cultural Differences - A Quick Guide

With e-commerce, the international expansion opportunities are endless. But one of the biggest stumbling blocks for businesses looking to take over the world is failing to acknowledge and, most importantly, adapt to cultural differences when marketing across cultures.  
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Matthew Hoggard MBE Partners with Diginius for E-commerce

Matthew Launches Site for Hoggy's Grill

Cricketing hero and former Celebrity MasterChef contestant Matthew Hoggard hopes to bowl over a new audience of fans with his latest cookery venture. The 43-year-old, one of the legendary Ashes-winning England team in 2005, is taking inspiration from ashes of a different kind as
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PPC Competitor Analysis: How to Spy on your Competitors

Improve your PPC performance with these analysis tips

PPC competitor analysis is often overlooked. But with campaign performance and budgets being key areas of concern for advertisers, it shouldn’t be.   Fundamentally, your competitors’ PPC activity affects yours. Their strategy might be stopping your ads from perform
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Ecommerce PPC tips to improve your advertising ROI

How to Get the Most out of Your PPC budget

With a growing number of businesses beginning to believe in the benefits of ecommerce, naturally, the online marketplace is becoming ever more saturated.   To stand out, businesses need to make themselves known – and the best way to do that? That’s right, advertis
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Headless Commerce

The What, Why and How of Headless

Ecommerce or the electronic commerce platform is one of the most lucrative business models in this present era which can be established in four different ways between a business and a customer, business to business, business to customer, customer to the business and customer to c
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