Six Steps to Success

Marketing Service Companies

At Diginius we work with companies across many different industries, but most businesses are either in the service or product sectors. As we work with clients to devise strategies and solutions to grow business online, there are several reoccurring themes that tend to achieve sol
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Online Profitability

Converting the Best Customers

Converting the best customers can be extremely difficult, so an important question to ask is "How do you reach your best customers?"

  Is your web presence and marketing strategy aligned with your business goals? It is common knowledge
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Performance Based Pay Per Click (PPC) Budgeting

PPC Budgeting

The question of how much money to allocate to an ad or PPC budget often arises, as well as how to start with minimal risk and scale a business online. While there are always multiple factors in a business, such as physical constraints (products have to be produced and received),
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