Diginius for Charities

Diginius and Google have teamed up to help grow your charity online.

At Diginius we’re passionate about the work we do, the client relationships we maintain and the results we generate. As satisfying as it is to increase leads and revenue for our customers, we wanted to put our PPC expertise and digital marketing know-how to use in more than just a business context.

That’s why, with Google’s Ad Grants as the vehicle, we’ve expanded our efforts to driving conversions for non-profits. As a Google Premier Partner, we’re perfectly positioned to amplify the potential results that the Ad Grant offers.

What is the Google Ad Grant?

    Google offer non-profit organisations $10,000 (don’t let the $ put you off – these grants can be spent anywhere!) a month of free advertising on their Google Ads platform, to allow those with limited marketing budgets the chance to display ads whenever a relevant query is searched for on Google.

    Already an indispensable tool in the arsenal of advertisers, Google Ads allows you to tailor your marketing messages to a specific search in an instant. Google’s offering of a budget to non-profits means that it can be utilised to push donations, increase volunteer applications or simply ensure their voice is heard. However, there are some limitations to the Grant:

    • The maximum CPC (Cost-per-click) is $2.00 or you must use Google's maximise conversions strategy
    • Ads will appear above search results, but in positions below paying advertisers
    • If a CTR (Clickthrough rate) of greater than 5% isn’t achieved for two consecutive months, accounts may be cancelled. This is in place to ensure that you are receiving relevant traffic to your site.

    That’s why we’ve established our Diginius for Charities program – to dedicate our experience and free up the time of non-profit marketing teams so it can be better used elsewhere.

Why Diginius?

Here at Diginius our experts have been cutting their teeth on the Google Ads platform since it began in 2000, developing an understanding of the intricacies of user search behaviour and inventing strategies to get the most out of client budgets, big or small. Our performance marketing experts maintain personal relationships with clients, conduct detailed research and design bespoke campaigns to suit the ever-changing needs of businesses and consumers.

With the bid limitations of the Grant, advertisers must think tactically about getting the ad seen; no longer can you simply outspend competitors to increase impressions. When managing an Ad Grant account, we’ll use our research and intelligence-gathering prowess to ensure that the ad is highly relevant (one of the other factors – other than spend – that determines whether your ad will show and where) to increase the opportunities for the ad being served.

Our mission is to increase the conversions that matter to non-profit organisations and decrease the amount of time and budget their marketing team are dedicating to their search marketing efforts.

We offer Charities 20% off our usual PPC management plans.

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