What is the Google Ad Grant?

    Google offer non-profit organisations $10,000 (don’t let the $ put you off – these grants can be spent anywhere!) a month of free advertising on their Google Ads platform, to allow those with limited marketing budgets the chance to display ads whenever a relevant query is searched for on Google.

    Already an indispensable tool in the arsenal of advertisers, Google Ads allows you to tailor your marketing messages to a specific search in an instant. Google’s offering of a budget to non-profits means that it can be utilised to push donations, increase volunteer applications or simply ensure their voice is heard.
    However, there are some limitations to the Grant:

    • The maximum CPC (Cost-per-click) is $2.00 or you must use Google’s maximise conversions strategy
    • Ads will appear above search results, but in positions below paying advertisers
    • If a CTR (Clickthrough rate) of greater than 5% isn’t achieved for two consecutive months, accounts may be cancelled. This is in place to ensure that you are receiving relevant traffic to your site.

    That’s why we’ve established our Diginius for Charities program – to dedicate our experience and free up the time of non-profit marketing teams so it can be better used elsewhere.