Posted on Apr 09, 2021

We’re delighted to announce our latest partnership with marketing agency SWC Partnership. Introduced through Mike Allen of 360 Publishing, the partnership allows us to assist with business development by providing an outsourced PPC management service.


The partnership is similar to our existing partnership with Champions (UK) plc, whereby SWC Partnership clients can outsource their PPC management to us.


The service can work in a variety of ways. For example:


  • Outsourcing PPC management – many businesses have, because of the pandemic, decided to cut down business costs by stripping their core expertise down to the bare basics.
  • Offering agencies additional bandwidth – when a business has a small team, we can help them to cope with peaks in demand and help them to cope with the additional pressure and expectations.
  • Expanding business offering – where PPC is not a core service of a business, we can offer our PPC services to help agencies expand their current offering for their clients.
  • We’ll work as part of their team – our Insight Software can be white labelled to the agency. In addition to this, even the reports that go to the end users can also be white labelled to a business’ branding.


We are committed to maintaining long-term partnerships that are beneficial to both parties. Nate Burke, Founder and CEO of Diginius, commented on the potential opportunities of this new partnership:


As we continue to advance our technology and software to provide an agency offering, partnering with SWC Partnership allows us to do exactly that. I’m looking forward to working closely together to deliver some impactful campaigns for businesses that need help elevating their PPC marketing.


About SWC


SWC Partnership is a marketing agency, specialising in developing strategies to help brands increase brand awareness, sales, and lead generation. Much like Diginius, SWC Partnership believe that one of the key elements of a successful business is the people, which is why this partnership is such a perfect fit.


The team at SWC Partnership share one goal – to become the best marketing agency, but not necessarily the biggest. This partnership acts as an extension of their existing team, ensuring these goals are continually achieved.


Simon Cristal, founder of SWC Partnership, is excited about the partnership:


We’re delighted to be partnering with Diginius. As a business that focuses on its people and delivering a personable service, the team at Diginius are fundamental to our continued success, and they already feel like such a natural addition to our team.

From now on, we’ll be working closely together on regular briefs, assisting businesses with their digital and PPC needs.


To find out more about our PPC services, including our Diginius Insight Software, please feel free to get in touch with a member of the team today.

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