Strategic Communications with Email Marketing

  • Does it work? Goals, metrics and budgets
  • Why bother – the pros and cons of email marketing
  • Role within your communications tool box

Loving your database

  • Clean, relevant data – why it is a must!
  • Building your email list
  • Costs of list building
  • The role of CRM and integration
  • Regulations and legal requirements when broadcasting

Broadcasting options

  • Email Service Providers – what to look for
  • Email marketing costs
  • ISPs
  • Plain text vs HTML

Campaign and content planning

  • Editorial schedules
  • Content / Newsletter ideas
  • Frequency schedules and repeat messaging
  • Building trust with subscribers

Messaging and copy

  • Writing for impact and engagement
  • Sales emails versus newsletter
  • Call to Action
  • Subject lines, TO and FROM fields

HTML templates and basic design tips

  • Layout, structure and styling
  • Links and buttons
  • Navigation and landing pages
  • Designing for mobile

Technical Tips

  • Email reader compatibility and testing
  • Improving deliverability
  • Unsubscribes and bounce-backs

Measuring success

  • ESP performance metrics
  • Tracking landing pages
  • Using Analytics
  • Conversion pathways
  • ROI – it’s not all about the click