Diginius: Design and Development

Dedicated Support

At Diginius, we ensure your website is Google penalty protected and in a healthy position. We will also provide you with bespoke monthly reports updating you on the SEO tasks performed.

Diginius: Hosting and Maintenance

Get in touch

At Diginius we have helped many websites fully recover from manual penalties. For a private chat about penalty recovery, speak with us today!

Diginius: SSL and Secure Checkouts

Panda Penalty Protection

If Google’s spam team believes your website’s content is over optimised or written in a way to manipulate their algorithm, then you could be in danger of receiving a Panda penalty.

Diginius: SEO and Content management

Bespoke Content Audits

At Diginius, we will perform a detailed full content audit, analysing your website’s keyword density, duplicated content and metadata manipulation, whilst also taking in to account any keyword stuffing in your page titles and header tags.

Diginius: Stock and Product Management

Backlink Clean-Up Service

At Diginius, our manual backlink clean-up service will effectively disavow all toxic links & recover your website from a Google Penguin penalty. We ensure your website’s back link profile is kept clean and free of any future spammy and damaging links.

Diginius: Customer Service Solutions

Proven Track Record of Success

Diginius has successfully removed Google Penguin penalties for many large and small businesses. Contact us today for a free consolation.