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Google Shopping enables shoppers to quickly and easily find your products on Google. It offers the following advantages:

  Attracts more potential buyers by helping you reach shoppers while they search for items to buy on Google.

Control over your product information. You can maintain the accuracy and freshness of your product information, so your customers find the relevant, current items they're looking for.


What Does the Diginius Google Shopping Module do?

The Diginius Google Shopping module integrates with your product data and optimises the process of submitting and maintaining Google product listings for Google Shopping. The complicated process of creating and distributing product feeds, and adhering to Google policies and requirements is managed and automated by the Diginius Shopping Module. The Diginius Google Shopping module dramatically decreases the risk of your products on Google shopping being disapproved or suspended due to not following Google policies or poor data quality. The Diginius Shopping Feed provides everything you need to sell your products easily and effectively on Google Shopping!

Feed Enrichment

The Diginius feed enrichment system works with the Diginius Google Shopping module to optimise your product listings. Our system will enhance your product feeds with relevant keywords and improvements in data quality to increase profitable website clicks and product purchases. If you would like more information about our Google Shopping Management Services and module please get in touch with us below. We also offer Google shopping training courses for you to manage your shopping feeds yourself, for further details please visit our Google Shopping Training page.

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