Posted on Nov 27, 2020

Transforming a website into a purpose-built sales channel

Lawpack case study



About the client



Lawpack is the UK’s leading DIY legal publisher, offering a selection of solicitor-approved legal guides, kits and forms to help both business and individual clients resolve legal issues. The service is a cost-effective alternative to enlisting a solicitor for a variety of matters, including wills, employment contracts, tenancy agreements, divorce and more.


When launched in 1993, Lawpack began by distributing its products through high street retailers, but in more recent years, the legal provider has rethought a digital strategy in an attempt to future-proof the business due to the closure of many physical stores.





The Lawpack website was built and maintained in-house, and although there was some ecommerce functionality to it, the online sales channel was not a priority and as a result, little development went into advancing it further.


The company wanted to replace their archaic proprietary technology with a flexible, yet cost-effective solution that could help them introduce new product lines easily and engage customers more.





Diginius Insight provided an initial solution to the pain points that Lawpack were facing. The data-driven software allowed them to manage and optimise their PPC and search campaigns, as well as their marketplace distribution to drive traffic to website and increase online sales.


Having experienced positive results, the legal provider decided to outsource their digital strategy to Diginius, who transformed their website into a purpose-built sales channel.


Diginius was also able to recommend that Lawpack use VTEX Commerce Cloud’s multi-tenant SaaS platform to meet their unique security needs as a legal provider and to accommodate for their omnichannel approach, which recognises that some still prefer legal documents to be delivered via courier.





The new website went live in May 2020. Previously, the digital channel represented only 10% of their total sales, but this has now risen to 30%. The newly integrated solution also provides in-depth data regarding sales patterns, allowing them to track trends in demand and demographic interest.


“Working with Diginius and VTEX has truly been a transformational partnership. I believe we will go completely digital and focus on downloads in the next five years. With a platform like VTEX and Diginius’ expertise we’ll be well-positioned to achieve this.” – Thomas Coles, Lawpack Founder and Managing Director

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