Posted on Nov 27, 2020

Lowering the CPC, CTR and CPA with Bing Ads

Diginius Smarter Technologies case study


About the client

Smarter Technologies Group provides businesses with the technology they need to simplify complex solutions in a digital world. They are the creator and owner of the award-winning IoT data network, the Orion Data Network, which offers a range of real-time tracking, monitoring and smart sensing solutions from smart buildings to global asset tracking and visibility solutions.


Working with Diginius, in May 2020, the group launched the military-grade FeverCam and FeverScan software solutions to help businesses return to work safely amid the COVID-19 pandemic. In action, FeverCam allows or denies access to a business premises based on an individual’s temperature. FeverScan permits scanning of multiple people in large crowds at once.




Smarter Technologies wanted to generate high quality leads for their new FeverCam and FeverScan software solutions. We created and optimised PPC campaigns on both Google and Bing with the goal of increasing conversions and reducing the cost per acquisition (CPA).




Diginius set out to find the most valuable and effective advertising platform for Smart Technologies. They created ads on both the Google and Bing PPC platforms with almost identical set up and ad copy. Search query reports also indicated that ads were shown for similar searches across both platforms.

The team then managed and monitored the accounts and collated data over a three-month period.




After three months of close monitoring, the CPC, CTR and CPA were found to be significantly lower on Bing, which went against the formerly held perceptions of Smarter Technologies.

Ultimately, the cost per conversion on Bing was seven times cheaper than on Google.

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