At the beginning of 2013, we established our development office in Bristol. We are looking for software developers to join our team. We are building tools and products to support our customers’ online businesses. We believe in agile and lean methodologies and we are looking for bright, enthusiastic and skilled people who want to join with us to deliver quality software with high business value. In return we will offer an excellent working environment and competitive remuneration.

To join us you are likely to have the following skills:


  • You are going to be a graduate (recent or otherwise) with an excellent record of academic achievement. You are likely to have straight A’s at A-level and a good degree from a top university.


  • You will have excelled in any former employment, if you have worked before.


  • You will be passionate about technical issues, and software in particular.
  • If you have not worked in a commercial environment you are likely to have a good understanding of, or some experience with, commercial software tools, methods and processes.
  • You will be a self-starter. You won’t be afraid to stand your ground for something you believe, but you will be humble enough to admit you are wrong.
  • You will enjoy problem solving and logical reasoning.
  • You will enjoy a tough challenge and be eager to learn new skills.
  • You will want to live and work in the great city of Bristol.


  • You will have experience or training in Java, SQL and object oriented programming.
  • Linux environment and PHP knowledge will be useful. As well as any experience with MVC software architecture.
  • Ability to learn new environments, work within a team and consistently deliver quality software in a timely manner are essential.

You will need to demonstrate these qualities to us to be successful, so please make sure they stand out in your application.

If you are interested in joining us, please send a CV to We will respond within 48 hours.