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Diginius have been able to build, grow and mantain a successful Google Ads account for us. We have seen a significant increase in site traffic and online sales by using their PPC management services. As a result, our Google Shopping campaigns have become the most effective element of our online advertising.

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Uncover Secrets of the Microsoft Audience Network

Uncover Secrets of the Microsoft Audience Network

As an ad agency or business focused on digital marketing, are you wrestling with the challenge of how to increase traffic while simultaneously increasing profitability? If so, you may have come across Microsoft Advertising as a potential solution but aren't sure whether to give it a try. In this article, we take an in-depth look at what the Microsoft Audience Network has to offer digital advertisers.
DuckDuckGo: Take Back Your Privacy

DuckDuckGo: Take Back Your Privacy

Concerned about online privacy? One way to maintain your digital privacy is to use a non-tracking search engine. Read on to learn all about DuckDuckGo.