About Diginius

Diginius is a technology company, specialised in digital marketing and ecommerce solutions. We drive online sales and acquisition.

Digital media is complicated with a lot of channels, data and social media feeds, meaning that it can be difficult to see what is and what is not working.

Diginius provides an automated technology solution that monitors, measures and reports results across digital performance. Delivering visibility and transparency.

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We’re experts in online sales and marketing

Diginius is a global team of industry experts involved in growing business online for 20 years. Our team of digital marketing experts have decades of experience. This combination of technology and expertise translates into powerful PPC performance delivering digital marketing results for the client through reduced spend, increased sales and improved ROI.

A collaborative, consultative approach

Our in-house experts become our clients’ online marketing team. As a PPC management agency in London, our location is ideal for working with clients in the UK and across Europe and the Americas. Unlike many traditional PPC advertising agencies, we commit to full transparency. The real-time email alerts and customised reports generated by our proprietary Diginius Insight Software can be shared automatically with clients. So you can see the impact we’re having on your business.

A collaborative, consultative approach

Our Team

Meet our team of digital experts.