About Diginius

Diginius is a London-based SaaS technology company specialising in digital marketing and e-commerce solutions. We provide automated technology including advertising management software that monitors, measures and reports results across digital performance, delivering visibility and transparency for all.

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Our focus

We firmly believe in creating more leads, higher conversions and better results for our customers. Our technology is designed to improve online activities by providing customers with complete visibility into everything their organisation does online. This insight is delivered for multiple media channels - and all within a single platform.

Customers and collaboration

Diginius works across multiple industry sectors and organisations focused on digital marketing. This naturally includes PPC agencies, medium to enterprise organisations and e-commerce businesses.

We align our technology to work with all our clients and drive performance. Our customers fully appreciate our open, collaborative and consultative approach to innovation and creativity.

In fact, as a result of this collaboration, our in-house team of technical experts recently designed the Diginius Insight Bidding Engine solution including valuable ads management tools. This was instrumental in Diginius recently being awarded the Europe Channel Partner of the Year from Microsoft.

A collaborative, consultative approach

Our Team

Meet our team of digital experts.