Lead Intelligence

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Lead Intelligence

Do you generate new B2B customer leads through your website? If so then you’ll know that optimising your online marketing and understanding who is visiting your website and delivering this information to your sales team is critical to the success of your business.

But that’s really hard to do when you don't have visibility into who your site visitors are or how they interact with your website.

Diginius Insight with Lead Intelligence solves this problem.

Lead Intelligence

  • Complete visibility

    One consolidated dashboard showing all your online marketing and sales activities and results.

  • Automation

    Automate many time-consuming and manual processes, such as reporting and competitor monitoring.

  • Analytics

    Algorithms identify the marketing activities that are having the greatest impact on sales.

  • Actionable recommendations

    Real-time email alerts and customised reports deliver actionable insights directly to the stakeholders that need them.

  • Designed for businesses

    Our software has been designed for organisations of all sizes who desire agility, visibility and drive results through intelligence based campaign execution.

  • Transparency

    Ensure all teams have the performance insights they need to make faster, better business decisions.

Lead Intelligence

Focus on Hot Leads & Sell More

Tired of cold calling? Identify your anonymous website visitors and focus on leads that know who you are and are actively engaged. Sell more with less effort.

Maximise Sales & Marketing ROI

Significantly increase your ROI from online marketing efforts as you increase intelligence on your sales prospects.

Phenomenal Support

Our team will provide you with a high level of responsive support and service.

Integration with Ad Campaigns

Identify what keyword your prospect clicked on and what pages they looked at to understand search intent.

Reporting Flexibility

Reporting available in online dashboards and via email to the appropriate members of your team in pdf or Excel formats.

Fantastic Value

Our unique offering of software, support and flexibility bring a solution with incredible value to your business.

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Who we work with

Diginius software will benefit any company that generates sales leads or transacts online. However, it has been specifically designed for the needs of small and medium sized businesses.
service companies

Service companies

who use their website to communicate their services and generate new sales leads
ecommerce companies

E-commerce companies

who sell products through their own website or other online marketplaces
media agencies

Marketing and media agencies

who manage online marketing campaigns on behalf of multiple clients

Why choose Diginius?

  • Designed for businesses

    Our software has been designed for organisations of all sizes who desire agility, visibility and drive results through intelligence based campaign execution.

  • Enterprise solution

    We’ve built our software to be enterprise-grade but at an affordable price, for companies of any size.

  • UK company

    We’re headquartered in London to be ideally located for supporting clients globally.

  • 20+ year heritage

    Founded and run by industry veterans, our team has been involved growing businesses online around the globe for over 20 years.

  • Rapid product development

    We take pride in our ability to react quickly to client feedback and build new product features that directly address our clients’ requirements.

  • Software support

    Full software support for our clients to grow their businesses. Chat online with a product expert at any time. Or simply give us a call.

  • Online experts

    We use our software to manage online activities for our services clients, so we’re able to ensure our teams’ knowledge and technical expertise remains cutting edge.

  • Google Partner  

We generate impressive results for our clients

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